Saturday, July 18, 2015

Good god, Jm. You're getting old.


Blogger Tseka said...

Myrtle Rae!
You haven't changed an iota.
Always glad to see you, how's Zelda?

18/7/15 7:02 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Happy HAPPY HAPPY Birthday darlin' JM!
Xoxoxo xoxoxo floating your way

18/7/15 7:03 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

X-ing fingers that wifi stays up. It's been down much of the day.

It's raining! and not just a little, a lot! Some thunder and lightening and RAIN all day. The desert has opened up to inhale. What a sweet sweet day.

18/7/15 7:06 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Wifi up or down. It's all equal.

Today is momentous. It's the first birthday since I don't know when that has been headache free.

Where do we begin? If there is a beginning that is.

18/7/15 7:30 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Zelda is fabulous as always. That chicken always stays up.

18/7/15 7:31 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

Glad to hear of Zelda's fabulousness, I was wondering, she is getting a bit long in the tooth or beak so to speak. But any hen that can lay magically coloured eggs is sure to have a trick or two to beat the ageing process.

18/7/15 9:07 PM  
Blogger Tseka said...

I also noticed the Winston had slipped into local orbit for a Uranian visit.
Enjoyed reading your thoughts on neurology...
We are a strange lot, we humans.

I can see why Uranus Venus might be a favorite. As an Aquarian with everything depositing to Venus, I have some sense of what that might be like. Pleasantly interesting? Surprisingly artistic? Revolutionary singer rather than a singer of revolution.

18/7/15 9:13 PM  
Blogger jm said...

We're a very strange lot. Virtually no one comprehends the workings of the brain, most of all the brain specialists. It's amazing to me that housed in each body is this astonishing computer that reaches far beyond ordinary confines and remains a stranger. It can lead us to transcendental and infernal territory as we attempt to be in charge. The whole inner body is hidden and mysterious.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Uranus-Venus to me is the out of the ordinary way we relate. Some say we don't have "normal" outlets. I've always been drawn to weirdos and assorted oddballs.

In Nepal there was a guy among us who was almost catatonic. He didn't speak at all or make eye contact. One night he broke the pattern and communicated with me after everyone was asleep. He still didn't speak but he leapt about and communicated other ways. There was telepathic connection involved. I attribute that to my VU partly.

18/7/15 10:30 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

"Good god, Jm. You're getting old."

LOL aren't we all. How long ago was it that we all converged here, and at at Raging U? Wow...

Anyway happy belated birthday, JM! I was swamped with yardwork and some other stuff all day yesterday and didn't get a chance to log on. But how nice to see Myrtle Rae dropped by! :)

Uranus-Venus and "the out of the ordinary way we relate." Well that explains a lot about my unusual ability, from a young age, to relate to people far older in years. I attributed it to Saturn mainly, but the trine to Venus and Uranus adds some weight to that ability, I guess. Interesting! You learn something new every day.

19/7/15 6:01 AM  
Blogger kadimiros said...

"If there is a beginning..." It's always the beginning! If there is one. :-) Joyeux anniversaire!

20/7/15 11:49 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Ha Ha! Kadimiros. Thanks. I like your choice of language.

21/7/15 6:25 AM  
Blogger kadimiros said...

"We don't have 'normal' outlets." Who knows what's a normal anything anymore?! Check out the evocative color global map to see which many countries like to imbibe juice the same way as Americans.

22/7/15 1:55 PM  
Blogger jm said...

A normal anything? I agree. I don't think that can be firmly established.

How gorgeous those plugs are. I'm a great fan of electricity and plugs fitting into sockets is a thing of pleasure.

I would say that the brown, purple, orange, light blue, and green countries are abnormal. According to the definition, the red and blue would be normal. But are they? Maybe the word for them is dominant. It's a varied world we inhabit.

The green one is definitely an aberration. What country is that? And why did Asian outlets migrate to South America?

Then again, interesting how homogeneous North America is.

22/7/15 2:56 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Juice is the word.

22/7/15 6:19 PM  
Blogger kadimiros said...

Some of those plugs resemble little faces to me. Type B looks surprised and upset; Type K looks quite like a happy face. Type J looks like an extraterrestrial. Type I looks mournful. Type N looks adorable.

I can hear the countries on the colored map going, "I've got the power!" "No, I've got the power!" "I've got the power, too!" "Me, too!" "I've got the power!" "Power power power power!" Big chorus. And then there is an extended Moment when they silently look around at each other, their fingers willingly caught in the Plutonian trap, before one of them says, "Now what?"

23/7/15 8:04 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Yep. The cries of big power.

Silently look at each other? Not very often.

The many faces of the socket. Type K is really cute. Type H looks pert and fashionable. Makes me wonder what kind of connectors our own faces invite.

23/7/15 10:14 AM  
Blogger kadimiros said...

Yes, not very often at all! Probably why it's a metaphorical and highly extended moment, one that plays out one person at a time over a period of centuries. Nevertheless, it is happening in Pluto's own time, though too slowly for our poor hasty infernal mortal eyes to see.

America is just very porous. It's got no sense of proper boundaries, and never has, come to think of it. But for the ocean, it might well have met itself coming around the other side of the world, with no sense of self-recognition at that.

24/7/15 3:58 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

"..with no sense of self-recognition at that."

I'd say this is the truth. My work puts me in the orbit of the state department of corrections, and I have learned a great deal about the prison system, its abuses, corruptions and vices, the way it has become a for-profit system, and so on. I know (and know of) people who are/were wrongfully imprisoned on false charges, due to misunderstandings, or drugs planted (in 1 instance) by the police during a traffic stop, false reports by social workers/child protection workers, etc. And then Puritanical American attitudes about sex and sexuality have led to regular people being instantly turned into sex offenders based on someone's word (although some are rightfully behind bars where they belong). It's been eye-opening, to put it mildly.

24/7/15 3:48 PM  
Blogger jm said...

So true about the metaphorical highly extended moment. I've entered a somewhat altered meditative state with those I can contemplate in silence with. One day my friend and I were in one of those moments and a woodpecker started rapping on an old rotted utility pole. The percussive sound was sublime and we looked at each other in awe, still keeping our silence so as not to miss a beat of the beak. Those are bonus moments. In some ways the silence of internet exchange borders on this territory. People have a chance to absorb what is communicated without jumping to fill the empty spaces. Rhythm is altered in interesting ways.

America? Self recognition? Ha! Still tethered to European identity I'm afraid. Still searching for a parent probably. Who knows? Maybe the Pluto return will be cause to grow up. I think the porous factor can be both plus and minus.

24/7/15 4:00 PM  
Blogger jm said...

Joe! Here we are in synch. Yeah. A certain amount of naivete is characteristic of this country. But the puritanical factor is in the DNA considering the first settlers.

24/7/15 4:03 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The subject of confinement is vast.

From the metaphysical perspective, people seek this state no matter what the circumstances. The department of corrections is in some ways correct. Identifying the victim is problematic since everyone uses everything for their own purposes. The contract between the criminal and victim is elusive to us.

24/7/15 4:14 PM  
Blogger kadimiros said...

Strong stuff, Joe. When one looks closely. Good thing you've got all that Saturn energy backing you up, helps to make a difference.

24/7/15 5:38 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

True, kadimiros, but it can pull me down as well as back me up, esp with that Cap Moon.

jm, do you consider the US's Cancer Sun being an indicator of the confinement/imprisonment factor we have going on here in this country? The obsession with "security" is glaringly, obviously Cancerian but I think of confinement/imprisonment as more akin to Saturn since it's usually involuntary, and involves rules, law, karma, etc etc etc. I dunno.

I found Dane Rudhyar's book "The Astrology of America's Destiny" in a thrift store recently and bought it, but it was in some ways too advanced, so I set it aside. But it got me to pondering themes like this.

25/7/15 5:42 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Confinement/imprisonment is directly associated with Neptune and the 12th house. You're right about karma, etc. People in jails, hospitals, and other places of confinement are seeking refuge from worldly concerns. There are just different ways of achieving it. Great spiritual advancement happens there, as well, when people get off the mundane sequence and open up to enlightenment. So the monastery and other places of sanctuary are included. There's a lot involved, all interesting, and I think I'll post a piece I have on this subject.

In the 12th the question of guilt is raised. In hospitals people can evade the issue, but prisons go right to the point. In the 12th one learns that everyone is guilty. Or no one is. One thing leads to another in the karmic wheel and people can't escape although they make a good attempt in the 12th. The judgement of Saturn dissolves in this house and larger laws of cause and effect take over. It's impossible to pinpoint the source of breakdown so people give up and let destiny (or fate) take its course. It can be the lowest or the highest manifestation of earthly life. That's why rehabilitation is actually possible, although difficult. The saint and sinner both come under Neptune's guidance. It's ultimately the same to Pisces. It's also very difficult to comprehend the nature of wrongdoing and what human populations can do about it. It's an ongoing human dilemma. Incarceration is a weak fix as you know. Crime is a reality no matter what. The naive belief that it can be eradicated is just as bad, since people are extremely reluctant to face their own crimes, petty or otherwise, while they are accusing everyone else. I love this subject.

Then we have crimes of cosmic proportion as in WWII, but the human race created the situation all together. These moments come and go as we spin around through life. Like lovely Pluto.

It's a big world with everything in it, good and not so good.

You are absolutely right about the Cancer Sun and insecurity. We are dealing with that now considering The Pluto opposition. Your Cap Moon is in tune with this so it could be why you are becoming more aware. Your South Node in Cancer is even more attuned. I don't believe this insecurity has reached its zenith yet so there is a lot ahead.

Neptune is in Pisces as you know, and the US progressed Sun is there as well.

You can imagine what people with Saturn in the 12th experience. Or maybe you'd rather not.:)

25/7/15 11:25 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Joe, your Moon, NN, and Jupiter in Capricorn create a great asset to bank on.

SN Cancer

NN Capricorn

25/7/15 11:28 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

That's illuminating. It's probably not a coincidence, then, that I was asked to join the team at work that interfaces with the Dept of Corrections and work with clients who have been released and who need mental health services. No one else wanted the job and it seemed like a good challenge.

As for the Moon-Joop-NN, well, I have noticed older women are generous with their financial help ever since Pluto entered that zone of my chart, but I am careful not to become too used to it, nor do I go seeking it.

Incidentally, you yourself have been incredibly generous with your knowledge, here and at RU. :)

25/7/15 4:11 PM  
Blogger jm said...

That is perfect. The Moon in Cap depicting older women, Jupiter and 9th house spelling generosity, and the 8th house delivering the pleasure of shared finances. I love it when it's neat.

You need not be reluctant to receive these gifts. Not with that configuration. It wouldn't be offered if you weren't deserving. Life is smart. Take it joyously, enjoy it, and use it. You're cautious enough.

I, too, have had financial benefits from others with my Jupiter tucked just inside the 8th house border with the 9th. I receive it unashamedly. People love giving sometimes. They need to.

With my Moon-Joop generosity with knowledge comes naturally. It can't be stopped! I used to express it somewhat forcefully in know-it-all Sagittarius fashion, but I've eased up in my old age. It's fun.

25/7/15 5:07 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

You know what else is neat is that exactly a year ago today, two relatives died hours apart when Jupiter was exactly conj the Sun, both at 2 degrees Leo. I remember someone told me once (maybe you yourself?) that Jupiter seems to open a doorway that allows the soul to slip away. I wonder how many souls took the opportunity that day?

One aunt had been ill for several years with an unmanageable condition that arose from chronically not caring for herself properly. After umpteen hospitalizations, she finally decided she wanted to die at home, so she was allowed to stop all medication except for pain meds. I managed to get an estimated birth time, and I see Pluto had just transited her natal Chiron, with her MC being in Cap. and Pluto, by transit at 17 degrees Cap, exactly opp her Uranus at 17 Cancer. She had no kids of her own, never married (which hints at something! :) ) but she helped raise many of her 9 younger siblings (my grandmother had 15 kids in all--yikes!) and of course many of my cousins as they came along, and she was also my godmother as it happens. She didn't do a very good job taking care of herself, which led to her demise. I see Saturn and Neptune separated by a degree in Libra (on the Desc).

The other relative, a great aunt, died a few hours later the same day, in another city, in a long term care home, at 98. She had been "ready to go" for a long time, and in fact at one point she told me, "I think the good Lord forgot about me." The last time I saw her, she wasn't aware we would be in town that weekend. My mom and I stopped to say hello, and she didn't recognize my mother, her niece, but she looked at me and her face lit up. "Oh hi. I know you. You're special!" :) I have a lot less info about her chart, but most of her planets are below the horizon and to the left of the chart, after the MC at 2 Aquarius. Neptune is 0 degrees Leo, just shy of the IC. Once her husband died, she lived quite independently in her own condo (NN 7 degrees and Uranus 17 degrees Aquarius,) until she grew too frail to manage alone. I could go on but I better stop or I'll be here all day, but it's a nice way to remember them. :)

26/7/15 6:03 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

One more comment. :) "You need not be reluctant to receive these gifts. Not with that configuration. It wouldn't be offered if you weren't deserving. Life is smart. Take it joyously, enjoy it, and use it. You're cautious enough."

Well... it's true I am cautious enough, or at least conscious not to abuse the privilege. I believe in reciprocity, probably due to all that Libra. Lately I've been playing with generosity and abundance. Not in a treacly and saccharine manner, but consciously paying it forward and seeing what form it takes when it returns to me. Or at the very least, offering thanks, be it in the form of tipping a little extra, leaving something of value (such as a pinch of dried tobacco, something I learned from a shamanic practitioner I work with) in exchange when I find a pretty stone, or a hawk or eagle feather, or something similar, out in the wild. Or a thank-you note. The Christmas after my aunt died, I received a significant chunk of money form her estate, and so of course I sent a thank you note to her sister who was the executor. That money promptly paid off a debt so I am as debt-free as I can possibly be at this time. And for that I give much thanks! :D

26/7/15 6:44 AM  
Blogger jm said...

You are in tune. You're getting good at seeing the person in the chart which is the crux. Isn't it amazing how much you've learned, Joe? That's the beauty of astrology. You can learn fast and put it to use right away, then look forward to a full lifetime of added education.

Very interesting about the synchronization of your aunts. Jupiter is often involved in deaths. That's because it's a long journey which comes under Jupiter's rule. It's a hopeful thought and it explains my positive attitude toward death with my 8th house Jupiter. The planets describe the type of ending and they are all unique. It's great that they both decided themselves and were ready for release which partly explains the Jupiter factor. There's trust and a feeling of looking forward to the next phase. Letting go of the body. What an astonishing thought. And a great equalizer.

You're smart to look at the Saturn/Neptune on the descendant. Neptune can be total immersion and self immolation, so no wonder your aunt sacrificed herself on the alter of relationships.

Oh to be debt free. What a joy. It seems to me you have an intrinsically healthy attitude toward wealth with all the good placements in the 8th tying into the 9th. The 8th rules inheritance and debt(bondage) and you certainly put it to good use. Another neat moment.

"Oh hi. I know you. You're special!"

A precious experience to carry with you forever. Death and the moment of truth.

NN and Uranus in Aquarius. You can't get much freer than that. It's wonderful that she had a chance to enjoy it.

26/7/15 10:00 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Which reminds me.

The last day of my father's life he was unconscious. My brother is a physician and when I asked to say good-bye to my Dad over the phone, my brother said he wouldn't hear me. I insisted. Lo and behold my father came back to life to answer my call.

Can you imagine the strength it took for him to speak? My god.

What a moment. Fleeting seconds like this can color our lives forever.

26/7/15 10:10 AM  
Blogger kadimiros said...

Extraordinary moments, jm, joe. Forever and a day, into future lives and beyond.

Like that music professor who lost all memory after a brain fever, including the ability to form new long-term memories, except for his beloved wife and his ability to play and conduct music. His short-term memory would not extend beyond 7 to 30 seconds at most; talk to him longer and he would begin introductions again. Every 20 seconds, he would begin his day as if waking up again.

Another man fell into a coma after a massive hemorrhagic stroke. The physicians tested him for all the reactions that would demonstrate awareness. Even his reflexes, which would not require consciousness, were absent. They could shine a bright light into his eyes and his pupils would not contract against it, implying brain death, and his limbs did not jerk from pinches and sharp pins.

His lovely daughter, who was also a physician, suggested that she try calling out to him, but the hospital physician who conducted the tests thought it pointless.

Shortly after the hospital physican left the room, she called out to her father loudly, telling him that she was present and ordering him to look at her. He managed to blink one eyelid open for a long moment, although his gaze was unmoving and remained fixed at the ceiling above where he lay. His body would sometimes jerk suddenly when observers might assume him to be unconscious, and it was surmised that they were signs of his trying to sit up.

He never opened any eye wide again. Over the next few days, he managed to shift his limbs and ever so slowly reach up to scratch his ear and at his mouth where tubes fed him oxygen. He nodded slightly at the loud exhortations of his wife and relatives.

A few weeks later, after many relatives had been flown or driven in to see him, and with Jupiter and the Sun transiting his natal Sun sign, he slipped away.

I mentioned before a young cousin of mine who passed away around the time of his Jupiter return, so there seems to be something to it, at least for some, although I wonder what different signifiers, if any, there might be for others.

26/7/15 11:43 AM  
Blogger jm said...

"Every 20 seconds, he would begin his day as if waking up again."

Good lord. While bothersome for others, who knows what it was like for him? The many facets of memory.

These testimonials are beautiful. Yes, the Jupiter factor is real.

"His lovely daughter, who was also a physician, suggested that she try calling out to him, but the hospital physician who conducted the tests thought it pointless."

Those physicians, speaking of know-it-alls. I often question their instinctive intelligence. Their mechanical skills can be excellent though. I thought everyone knew that hearing continues for hours after death.

The signifiers are all over the map. For example, Pluto can be involved in painful and ugly drawn out affairs that put others through some added torment. Quarrels over inheritance can be indicated. Conversely, Pluto can bring complete accepted release. And now we know that Pluto has elements of joy.
Uranus can mean liberation, as in my father's case. For me. My brother and sister both had Pluto transits and it was an entirely different experience. I wasn't even there. They still suffer somewhat.
Saturn can be deeply sorrowful and depressing or it can indicate the opportunity for greater achievement for survivors with obstacles out of the way.

In keeping with the personal anecdotes....

My partner died with the Moon and Saturn in Aries on my ascendant showing the start of my solo journey. Mars was also on my natal Mars in Libra. A great harmonious moment in our long relationship. I guess it was his solo journey as well.
Capricorn was rising, so who can guess what achievement awaited him? Uranus in Aquarius had us laughing until the end. And awareness. He died with his eye wide open looking up and to his left.

A year later my mother died with Aries rising, no less, and the Moon and Mars conjunct in Aries. She went out fast leaving me solo again. Neptune, Uranus, and Venus were in Aquarius. It was like lightning.

My father died with Saturn in Aquarius opposite my Saturn. These were liberations for all of us and the opposition to my Leo taught me even more about love. Plus the freedom to go on in my career with renewed enthusiasm. Or the death provided guideposts for engaging with the world.

26/7/15 12:35 PM  
Blogger jm said...

In addition, my father was the most accepting of his death. He knew how hard it was going to be for me so he tried to make it easier. His answer to the death judgement was, "You have to go sometime". I was hoping it wasn't real, but at that moment I recognized the truth. He broke it to me himself.

My mother's death with all the Uranian energy was shocking. Everyone did a double take.

26/7/15 12:54 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Lots of "wow" to go around. Makes me wonder about the intricate timing of births, deaths and events, the apparent "fatedness" of things, with our free will thrown into the mix for variety and for kicks. Mind boggling! Good stories and recollections. A few days before my aunt died, there was a farewell party with several of her sisters, relatives and assorted others. She asked to see everyone individually, and when my turn came, I went into the room and closed the door and sat on the edge of the bed. She told me she wanted to say some things before she died, and told me to take care of my partner and for us to be good to each other. She apologized for not being much of an example as a godmother, but I told her I was sure she had done the best she knew how. I asked her if she was scared to die and she responded, "Am I scared? I'm scared out of my mind." I said I didn't think she needed to be, that it would be well in the end, but I have the feeling she believe she was bound for hell. I don't remember what else we said. I heard, a few days later, that she told one of her sisters that their late father came to visit her in spirit, along with a sister who'd died a decade ago, and they said it was "time to go home." Maybe that was the door Jupiter held open for her.

26/7/15 1:45 PM  
Blogger jm said...

The apparent fatedness of things? More like the actual fatedness of things. I always wonder about that. Where is the source of fate? And free will just for kicks. I like that. I sort of think fate springs from our will. Whatever it is, we are doing it to ourselves.

Letting go of our lives might be the bravest thing we do. And perhaps the most rewarding. I've sometimes thought that there is indescribable joy in dying. An ecstatic release. So big, real, and final. One life completed. The moment of death could be entirely different from what precedes it. I bet it is.

The promised piece on the 12th house is up on RU.

26/7/15 9:02 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

I say "apparent" because it is apparent to me (heh) that fate can sometimes be trumped by free will. Of course, one must pay the price when the can is kicked down the road too many times. I heard it said, in a very Saturnine way, that each time history repeats itself, the cost rises.

27/7/15 4:27 AM  
Blogger jm said...

A few tears slipped out through these memories, especially recalling the last day of my crazy man's life.

Hospice sent over some morphine and he made me read the instructions. So there he was on his death bed with me telling him not to operate any heavy machinery. He was funny.

27/7/15 10:52 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

ugh I lost my original comment in response to the 12th house post.

"At the full revolution, it can seem like everything is out of order. It probably is."

With this, I arrive at a better understanding of why the times seem crazier than usual. All the accumulated experience collapsing under its own weight in preparation for beginning again. Pisces rules the feet, which carry the previous 11 houses' experiences on fragile arches. Amazing when you think about it. I read somewhere that the Universe continually unfolds, like a vast rose, with no beginning or end, and each unfoldment brings something new because of the incredible permutations of variables that can come into play.

They say the eyes looking to the left indicate trying to recall or reconstruct. Maybe he was trying to recall how to step out of the physical form? Wondering in before wandering out.

28/7/15 4:22 AM  
Blogger jm said...

Very very interesting Joe. You are amazing me lately. The fragile arch image is something I've never encountered.

Not only that, but I considered posting a picture of a gorgeous purple rose with the piece.

I can't really begin to describe the look in his eyes accompanying the complete silence and stillness. It was an awakening for me and another chapter in my study of death. At my age, that experience is not far off. It does frighten me sometimes but I plan to capitalize on my remaining time and continue my study with myself in mind. I'm going to live like I never have before. I still haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do and I might not. I might unfold like the rose. Recent electromagnetic experiences have changed my brain and a lot of possibilities have emerged. There's always enough time, really. People saying they don't have enough perplexes me. I admit to occasionally feeling that now, but earthly life does have a limit.:)

With my NN in Taurus I might travel on with contentment. If I can master relaxation, that is!

28/7/15 7:47 AM  
Blogger kadimiros said...

Some people find mastering relaxation more difficult than letting relaxation master them.

Perhaps there's a clue or two in that. For example, it helps to set things up, artfully, to make it easier, almost effortless, to just fall into it at the drop of a chapeau and to spring out of it refreshed and ready for more. Make the next step so easy you can't refuse it. Like adding a plug-in timer to a coffee maker and waking up to the alluring smell of coffee in the morning.

28/7/15 11:26 AM  
Blogger jm said...

There's that language again.

28/7/15 3:22 PM  

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