Monday, July 18, 2011

Blasting Into the Past and the Future

Remember the good ol' days of peace, love, and trips to Psychedelia? And music, music, music. I was abroad at the time. I received enlightenment in Afghanistan then went on to Pakistan, India, and Nepal in a whirl of sensation and discovery. We didn't even analyze or beg for hope then. We lived it. It's a mental condition really.

Well it's the 60s again around here with minor variations. I'm in the United States of America presently, and chronology has caught up with memory. My mental condition is still subject to whim, although my get up and go stays put a lot more. I'm not sure I could make it to the Afghanistan so easily. But hey! The decade is young. Who knows what magic will appear? The 60s seem to hold a key.

Happy Birthday Love!

Let's boogie!