Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Philosophy Of Cherries

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The legend of the camel:

Many years ago, God gave antlers to the camel
as a reward for the goodness of its heart.
But one day a rogue deer came
and asked the camel to lend him his antlers.
He wanted to adorn himself with them
for a celebration in the west.
The camel trusted the deer
and gave him his antlers.
But the deer never brought them back.
Since then, the camels
keep gazing at the horizon
and still await the deer's return.

It's a wide world. In celebration of the last days of the North Node in Sagittarius here's a small gift. A synopsis of the first ever film in the Mongolian language. The entire film is available on the video page .

All through the movie the mother hates her colt but the meditative atmosphere creates a strange ambiance  while the family and animals struggle. The camels all gave birth together but this one wandered off alone before painfully releasing this oddball creature. The family's attention to the problem is amazing to witness and their resignation to a hard life in the desert is an inspiration.